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Noelia Montaner Art

Flamingo on Ocean Drive Acrylic Painting

Flamingo on Ocean Drive Acrylic Painting

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Introducing this vibrant and spirited acrylic painting that is sure to add a pop of color to your living space! “Flamingo on Ocean Drive” measures 20 x 24 inches. This colorful masterpiece features a playful and quirky pairing of a pink flamingo and a pink crab. The scene is set on iconic Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, where the palm trees sway in the breeze in front of a vibrant backdrop. Enjoying the tropical vibes, the flamingo looks at the crab whose carrying a delicious mojito, adding to the fun and festive atmosphere of the painting.

  • brilliant hues and whimsical strokes
  • bringing a sense of playful energy to your walls
  • painting is ready to hang and bring joy to your home. 
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