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Noelia Montaner Art

Venice Streets Oil Painting

Venice Streets Oil Painting

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I wanted to capture the charm and romance of Venice with this oil painting on canvas called "Out to Dry in Venice". This hand-painted artwork depicts the vibrant streets of Venice, with laundry hanging in the air. The use of warm tones and intricate details truly brings the narrow streets to life, giving a sense of depth and immersion to the viewer. Whether you've visited Venice yourself or simply admire its unique beauty from afar, this painting is sure to evoke feelings of wanderlust and nostalgia.

 Hang it in your living room or office and let its vibrant colors and lively atmosphere transform your space into a part of Italy. Painted by me after a recent trip to Venice. This painting is a true masterpiece that will last a lifetime.

  • 9 x 12 oil on canvas painting
  • hand-painted artwork
  • captures the charm and character of the streets of Venice
  • painting comes with Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist

This stunning oil painting comes unframed so that you can select a frame that compliments your home's interior. 

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